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Mitatek Elektronik

MITATEK ELEKTRONIK - Design,Engineering,R&D


Electronics Design

Electronics Design

We work as a partner in the whole design and development process of a product. Experienced designers will benefit customers for false or unimplemented  requirements.


IoT Telemetry Products

Automation,Telemetry, IoT Devices

Machine to Machine communication has been evolved to IoT(Internet of Things) concept. Mitatek Elektronik has been developing IoT devices for industry.



Embedded software development

Software development is end point of user experience. Without a GUI most of the applications may not be used as effective. We also bundle our products with GUI.



Consulting services

During the design phases, you may need a support in order to guide the ongoing processes. We may help you to make you succeed for the end product of your company.


March 2020 - New product GRC3200(R)
Our new 2G/3G/LTE smart modem product GRC3200(R) has been relased.
December 2019 - River flood monitoring
In order to monitor and alarm for flooding rivers in Northeast Blacksea region, our smart modem devices has been used.
October 2019 - Remote Monitoring
Remote monitoring applicaiton over 2G service at ISKI has been copleted by our smart modem devices.
January 2019 - Design of RF control card for led fixture
Development for street lighting led fixture with RF 868Mhz feature is finished. The units have been dispached to the field.
February 2018 - OEM 3G/LTE Module release
MGM3000 3G/LTE module released for PCB mount internal OEM applications.
September 2017 - OSKI Remote Monitoring Application
OSKI is a local muncipal corporation for water management.Our GPRS Gateways has been used to montor water depots and wells.
August 2017 - BUSKI Water Management
A continuation project at BUSKI for water automation system is finished with our GPRS gateways.
October 2016 - Led Fitting Control Card
The RF Control Card production of Led fitting device has been completed and started to use in the field.
June 2016 - Remote Monitoring Application
In OSKI remote water management application, our GPRS devices has been used.
March 2016 - Powerline Product
Mass production of powerline communication device has been started. It is basic area is for lighting.
February 2016 - RF Automation Device
The design of 2.4 GHz RF mesh networking device has been completed.
July 2015 - PLC Design
Our PLC design concept has been completed.
May 2015 - Remote Monitoring Application
Remote well monitoring application has beed implemented with GRC3010 GPRS gateway.