Founded in 2002 to work on electronic circuit design, product development, application specific integrated circuit design (ASIC-FPGA-CPLD) and software development. We have the main aim of develpoing services based on the criteria of compliance with standards, sustainability, developability and competitiveness in product development.

We are focusing on developing products that have no alternative in terms of design and production in the field of Telemetry, Machine-to-Machine Communication (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) products. Today, our portfolio may be considered as the results of this leadership mission.

In order to develop new business opportunities, to increase productivity and efficiency, companies need to adpot to the changes of competitive marketing conditions. To achieve this, we, as a design house, use latest technology and concepts as a tool for the designs and solutions we develop with long term support. The main perspective is to be the reliable solution partner to fulfil all the requirements of our customers.
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Product design

We provide services for every stages of electronic product development. The engineering phases will begin by sending the specifications of the requested technical details, and if there are no technical details, ideas and thoughts at the concept level are transferred together to the product engineering document.

ASIC design

Some of the designs may be implemented with application specific curcuit design  with integration(ASIC) considering the usage area, quantities and performance criteriea.

Mitatek Elektronik Tasarım has experience in ASIC/FPGA/CPLD design.We have involved in ASIC projects supported by European funds.

Industrial automation systems are based on communication of devices with each other or a software. Our Telemetry, Machine-to-Machine Communication (M2M), Internet of Things (IoT) products will be able to meet all your needs to ensure to make this over media such as Ethernet, GPRS/EDGE/3G/LTE, WiFi and RF.

When there is necessity to use a product that meets application-specific needs, Mitatek Elektronik, as a solution partner, has the opportunity to develop the product that best suits the field requirements.
Otomasyon ürünleri


It may be required to use software in order to use the products developed. In such a case, present software applications may not be adequate for specific communication constraints, user interface and total system implementation. In order to develop a custom application software, the hardware knowledge is very important for robustness, reliablity and speed. As hardware developers, we provide software services in this manner.


If your R&D department has problems on the projects in any phase or on developing a product, you may need some assistance.

We have more than twenty years development and field experience and will be glad to help you to solve all types of your development problems.
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