Different types of communication media and various protocols can be used for industrial automation. All our product groups for different application types and conditions are listed below.
In this product group, we have gateways and device servers for the filed devices that has only serial port as communicaiton feature. Without any software change  or without using a software driver, a serial device can be monitored and controlled over 2G/3G/LTE or Ethernet. All the devices are implemented as plug and play solution with ease of implementation.
Gateway - Device server ürünleri
Communication to any Ethernet based devices from internet may be problematic when there is local network security limitations. Our routers can be used in order to communicate an RTU/PLC,etc over GSM data services without any local network access.
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Most of the industrial automation applications includes monitoring digital inputs, field sensor readings or set/reset some contact outputs for example, turning on a fan or stopping the engine. Our 2G/3G/LTE and RS232/485 based RTU devices are developed to allow you to implement such industrial control applications with their digital and analog inputs and digital outputs besides communicaiton features. So, these devices combines different types of devices in one product.
RTU-PLC-I/O ürünleri
Some of devices has bulit in modem driver interface that has AT commands support. We have modem products for connection of such devices to the internet over GSM data service.
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