MGM3000 Device server OEM

MGM3000, functional equivalent as GRC3200R, is 2G/3G/LTE serial device server, gateway OEM Module developed for automation, IoT, machine to machine applications where all communication, control, monitoring features are implemented without any GSM data knowledge so that necessary features are implemented into one device. This makes applications more robust, easily configured, controlled and also the total cost is reduced.

Basic operation of this device is two-way transparent data communication between any uC connected to serial port of it with TTL levels to TCP/UDP socket connection establised via GSM data service as GPRS, 3G and/or LTE. In order to use GSM data service, appropirate mini SIM card with desired data subscription from GSM provider must be used. Device does not have any dedicated provider, service, etc limitation.

Because of the transparent operation mode, there is no need for any communicaiton protocol for the device. The only protocol to deal with is the serially connected uC. So, you can monitor, control any device far from its location where there is internet used as OEM internally.

It has, u.FL connector, bundled with SMA-u.FL cable so that antenna placement can be done freely.

Also, the SIM socket is on-board with push-push type.

  • GPRS/EDGE/3G/LTE M1/NB GSM data service
  • 107kbps (GPRS), 296 kbps (EDGE), 7.2Mbps (3G), 375kbps(LTE-M1), 27.2 kbps(LTE-NB) downlink
  • 85.6kbps (GPRS), 236.8kbps (EDGE), 5.6 Mbps (3G), 375kbps(LTE-M1), 62.5kbps(LTE-NB) uplink
  • 800/850/900/1700/1900/2100 MHz  Bant 5,8,20(LTE) frequency bands
  • TCP/IP Communication
  • Client/Server mode
  • Bidirectional transparent data communication
  • Serial baudrate: 300- 921600 bps
  • Remote GSM singnal level and data service monitoring
  • RTC (Real Time Clock)
  • DC 5-24V supply (Serial port voltage level 3.3V)
  • Operating remperature: -40 - + 85°C
  • 65.1 mm x 60 mm x 22 mm (WxLxH)

MGM300 applications:

  • Internal GPRS/EDGE/3G/LTE feature add-on OEM solution.
  • GSM and data function equivalent to GRC3200R.
MGM3000 Uygulama
MGM3000 Uygulama

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