GRC3300 is all in one remote terminal unit (RTU) used in industrial automation/telemetry/IoT (internet of things) applications, combining GSM data connection and PLC features.

In addition to the standard RTU features such as digital, analogue input and output and serial communication features, it also implements 2G/LTE connection features for remote communication and PLC features based on FBD (functional block diagram).

By implementing the DNP3 protocol, precise input and output measurements can be recorded (Class 1,2,3 Event log). The total number of event records is 16684. Due to the DNP3 protocol, alarms can be send when desired as unsolicided response.

The data retention time of the recorded event log values in the device is >200 years under normal temperature conditions.

Unlike other protocols, the most important advantage of the DNP3 protocol is real-time processing. In this real-time process, the lowest analogue recording interval (sensitivity) is 20ms, and the digital input sensitivity is 1 ms.

In addition to the fact that GRC3300 can perform operations in real time thanks to its implementation of the DNP3 protocol, the real time sensitivity on which these operations are based is designed to be ±1 ppm, which is the highest value that can be seen in industrial devices. In this way, there is no need for time correction in the short and medium term.

Another important feature is real time clock value  retention. It has an internal battery so that if the device is not powered in any way, it does not lose time for more than 10 years time with the given ±1 ppm accuracy.

Real time synchronization of the device can be done via GSM or a specified time server selectable via setup program.

Another important request in automation/telemetry/IoT (internet of things) systems is that the battery does not run out in the long term when using battery power. In these cases, data transfer, especially over GSM, causes great power consumption. A sleep feature has been added to the device for such applications. Communication has been enabled by waking up from sleep with different usage scenarios and parameters, and thus usage alternatives have been added to prevent battery drain.

Measurement sensitivity of analogue inputs has 12/14/16 bit options in order to adapt to different demands and conditions.

In some applications, it may be desired to perform some operations according to the values of the inputs and outputs. In these cases, operations based on FBD (functional block diagram) can be performed without the need for an external PLC device by turning on the PLC features of the device and making the necessary adjustments from simple setup interface.

Other devices working with Modbus RTU protocol connected to our device, which has a standard serial port (RS232/RS485), can be read remotely (2G/3G/LTE) via Modbus/TCP. In this way, it also functions as a protocol converter, so called DNP3 Modbus RTU protocol converter.

With our AFM1x00 device to be connected to the serial port, multiple I/O needs can be met in expansion mode. The I/O features that can be controlled remotely via a single GRC3300 device are a maximum of 16 digital outputs, twelve(12) digital inputs, eight(8) 0-20mA inputs and four(4) 0-10V inputs.

Thanks to its simultaneous implementation of GSM data communication, RTU, PLC and protocol converter functions, our GRC3300 device has been designed from an all-in-one perspective, with the aim of being the first as always, planned, thought out and implemented in a completely original way (in our devices we have never been used of external/third party code in any level) and it has been put into service for the development of our country's technical infrastructure. In this sense, it is a soruce of pride to design, develop and manufacture our GRC3300 product.

  • Communication over GSM data service(2G/LTE)
  • DNP3 protocol
  • Remote firmware update(over GSM data sevice)
  • Sleep mode
  • Total 18684 event logging (DNP3 Class 1,2,3 events)
  • 10 years RTC data retention with internal battery
  • ±1 ppm RTC accuracy
  • Clock synchronisation via GSM or time server
  • PLC(Programmable Logic Control) functions
  • Modbus RTU devices connected to serial port can be read from remote over DNP3 protocol (DNP3-Modbus RTU protocol converter)
  • 12/14/16 bits analouge resolution
  • Two simultaneous TCP connection
  • Remote sertup (over GSM )
  • Two 0-20mA inputs
  • One 0-10V input
  • Four optically isolated digital input
  • Three NO output  (capable to drive 400mA)
  • Maximum sixteen digital input, twelve digital output, eight 0-20mA and four 0-10V inputs (with 3 AFM1x00 connected to serial port)
  • 10.3Mbps(LTE Cat-1) down-link speed
  • 21.1Mbps (HSPDA+) down-link speed
  • One RS232/RS485 serial port
  • RS485 Half duplex
  • RS485 auto direction
  • Remote GSM sinyal and data service monitoring (over DNP3)
  • Remote device model and serial number monitoring(over DNP3)
  • DC 6.5-30V supply
  • 24V isolated power output for analouge sensor inputs
  • DIN rail mount
  • 126,1mmx90,6mmx56,6mm (width,length, height)
  • Operating remperature: -40 - + 85°C


Some of GRC3300 application types:

  • Remote I/O monitoring (SCADA connection for telemetry)
  • Serial device server (gateway mode)
  • Montioring sequence of events in electrical infrastructure
  • PLC I/O  control (FBD)
  • Measurement data logging
  • Protocol conversion (DNP3 - Modbus RTU )
GRC3300 Uygulama
GRC3300 Uygulama

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