GRC4011 3G Router

GRC4011 is an industrial channel router for telemetry, IoT, industrial control applications where any device having ethernet communication can be monitored and controlled remotely over GSM data services. When remote monitoring of any ethernet based device on local network is needed, without GSM connection, a tcp port must be opened to global internet connection in the firewall device.

This makes the local network vulnerable to securty issues and cyber threads. In order to eliminate such a risk, GSM data connection services can be used with VPN topology available from GSM service providers.

The supported routing channel count for GRC4011 is three so with one router, three different device can be monitored or one device can be controlled over three different remote locations.

It also has serial device server mode for serial devices for transparent data communication via GSM data service.

Operating tempreature range is ideal for industrial applications ranging from -40 to +85 °C .

  • 10/100 Base-T ethernet connection
  • 3G GSM data service
  • Bidirectional data
  • Up to three TCP socket routing
  • RS232 serial port
  • 6.5-30V DC power supply
  • Seperate screw terminal and power adaptor for DC supply
  • Rail mount option
  • Operating remperature: -40 - + 85 °C

Applications with GRC4011 :

  • Remote ethernet device monitoring
  • Remote serial device server
  • Energy analyzer monitor
  • Remote meter Reading
  • PLC software update and monitor
GRC4011 Uygulama
GRC4011 Uygulama

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